Unique problem:)
My FFX-2 disc is scratched; I scratched it quite a while ago, and every time I get to an FMV cutscene (at the end of chapter 1, tidus and yuna running and stuff (just a dream, no spoilers)) it freezes in the middle of it. This used to happen on my PS2, and on my friend's, so it's the disc for sure. I have looked tirelessly to find a way to skip fmv's, and I tried a lot of patches, but none of them really worked. I also tried to download a save file right after said fmv, and I was able to put it on the memory card, but, all characters are level 99 and stuff, and that's no fun lol. Is there any way that I can bypass this fmv with my characters at the stats they are now? Thank you very much for your time

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you can upload your memory card. I have FFX-2 and would be happy to pass the cut-scene and then save for you.

Also, if you are using beta 1474, you can upload a save state instead.
Wow, that would really helpSmile I will upload the savestate, which is on the cutscene before the fmv (you can skip with square from the pause menu). I hope this file isn't too big. I really appreciate this, thank you very much. Just in case there is another fmv that the scratch has damaged, I will keep on looking for some kind of way to skip the fmvs. Thanks againSmile

p.s. I don't know what beta 1474 is lol, but I downloaded all this two days ago, so I think I have the newest version.

Here is the link to the file (I couldn't figure out why the attachments kept messing up, must be the big file):


Thank you
It crashes for me, too =O. Try sending a save state from before the FMV starts
Didnt crash here, maybe you were using speedhacks? added a memcard save also in case.

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Wow, it really worked. The savestate kept crashing the program, but I was able to use the memory card save. Thank you very very much!

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