Unknown Reason for Slowdown in Dark Cloud 2
Hey everyone, I'm having slight problems with running Dark Cloud 2.

To start off with, here are my specs:
Intel Core i7 720QM
ATI Radeon HD - 512MB (I can include the model number if necessary)

Okay so here's the thing. I am able to run other games like Naruto Ultimate Ninja 3, Kingdom Hearts 2 (and Re:CoM), and a few others with acceptable speeds (50-60fps). For some reason, when I try to emulate Dark Cloud 2 (along with a few other games like Jak 3, God of War, etc.), the games slows down and starts to become really laggy.

Could someone tell me why? Or even better yet, how to solve this problem. I am running PCSX2 0.9.8 with GSdx plugin, Lilypad, Zero-SPU, and the standard null drivers.

Thanks in advance

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DC2 is a near-high demanding game.
your laptop is holding your back since the basic speed is only 1.6Ghz don't expect that.
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Download and use the latest SVN build and try the MTVU speedhack. It should give you a nice boost in this title.
With the mtvu hack you should almost always have full speed on DC2, just make sure your graphic card isn't bottlenecking you. Would help to know what model your gpu is, but you should atleast be able to play at native resolution and possibly a higher custom resolution (overclocking will help).

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