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Unlocking custom FPS on 0.9.8
Hi guys, I have been wondering why does the custom frame rate field for both NTSC and PAL (under Emulation Settings > GS) had been greyed out on 0.9.8 but not 0.9.7? Is it possible to unlock it on the latest version as my PC is well capable to run games beyond 100 FPS.

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That option will NOT make the game run faster, that's why it was disabled. Changing it can and will make most games crash, since you mess with the internal timing of games. If you don't get good FPS, this is NOT the way to get a speed up.
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Hmm setting it to 100 FPS on 0.9.7 had never crashed on all the PS2 games I had played thus far, namely Persona 3, Persona 4, FF series, Kingdom Hearts series, etc.

Actually the reason I'm setting it to value beyond 60 FPS is because the normal speed (60FPS) doesn't seemed too fluid to my eyes somehow. When comparing with modern PC games also running in 60 FPS, the differ is significant.
Then use the turbo feature of the frame limiter, set it to 150% or something and use tab to activate it.
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You can change the NTSC/PAL framerate values from the pcsx2_vm.ini file
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Got it. Thanks Smile

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