Unofficial Tutorial PCSX2 Cloud saves!
Just something fun and should work flawlessly. However, I take no responsibility if you screw up and lose something so back everything up in triplicate before hand.

Before you start
1. You will need an account with a cloud storage service (I'm using onedrive) other options are box and dropbox. However, any cloud storage option that has a local client should work
2. You will need to install a local client of whatever cloud storage service you intend to use on your computer and have the files set to sync with the cloud.
3. This will need to be done on each computer you intend to move your games between.
Now to get started
Step 1. Go to your cloud storage location of choice and create a new folder. I'm using a folder called PS2 Saves which is located on C:\OneDrive\

Step 2. Open PCSX2 without launching any games. Click Config>Memory Cards

Step 3. Click the button labeled "browse"

Step 4. Browse to your newly created PS2 saves folder in your cloud storage service.

Step 5. Click the folder and then click "OK".

Step 6. (THIS ONLY NEEDS TO BE DONE IF YOU DON'T HAVE PS2 SAVE FILES ALREADY) Click "Create..." and create a new card.

Step 7 (THIS ONLY NEEDS TO BE DONE IF YOU DO HAVE PS2 SAVE FILES) Navigate to the current location of your PS2 memory cards.

In my case this will be C:\Users\replaceWithYourUserName\Documents\PCSX2\memcards however this may differ if you have a dev version or installed it to a different directory.

Copy the entire contents of this folder over to your new cloud storage folder.

Step 8. Go back to PCSX2's memory card manager hit refresh and then "Apply".

Congratulations your PCSX2 saves are now in the cloud.

Note: This backs up memory card saves only not save states.

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Pretty nice for those with multiple setups. +1
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