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Unofficial linux build
Hi again! Uhm... i,ve tried it but i can't load the gs plugins, just the GSnull! Sad
from terminal it gives these errors before it starts:

(pcsx2:13293): Gtk-WARNING **: Nem található a témamotor a következő modulútvonalon: „murrine”,

(pcsx2:13293): Gtk-WARNING **: Nem található a témamotor a következő modulútvonalon: „pixmap”,

I don't now what it means
"Nem található a témamotor a következő modulútvonalon" = Can't find the theme engine(?) for the "pixmap/murrine" modulepath(?) --I don"'t now exactly, something like that!

(probably I'm yet stupid Laugh)

I've checked, and gtk2-engines-murrine has been already installed with the system!

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Okey, with earlier plugins on my computer I managed to select other GS plugins! Smile many thanks and respect! Smile
I probably used a too recent version for the library (libglew 1.7 and gcc4.7)
It means that I have to upgrade those libraries? Wacko
I update my build. I put my libglew library inside so hopefully it would work on your system too. Howver you must use to start pcsx2.
Nice! Yes, i had to use, but it performs well! OpenGL' hardware mode in GSDX plugin is a little slow... but software mode run fast... 50-55 FPS in FF-XII and 45-50 FPS in Dragon Ball Z - Budokai 3! thx a lot! Smile
(07-17-2011, 10:35 AM)SiOuZ Wrote: Where does it look?
Because i have them in /usr/lib/ Wacko

In my system (openSUSE 12.1) these libs are placed in /usr/lib/wx-2.8-wxcontainer. But pcsx2 executable looking for it in /usr/lib.
1. I launched pcsx2 with gsdx plugin in opengl(software) mode. I played Katamari Damacy and it shows full speed. It seems like gs plugin used hardware. Is this a bug or a feature?
2. Can you post virtualbox image with necessary software to allow to build pcsx2 in it? Because on 64bit distro its hard. Damn deps.
You can add library search path with the env variable: LD_LIBRARY_PATH

The sw mode uses gpu for minimal operation like resizing. Thanks gabest for his optimizations.

Don t have time for a vbox vm! I think you can directly install i386 dev package on opensuse
What about linux builds on buildbot?

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