Unprofessional Moderators?
Yes Krakatos, you, i have seen other posts by you that are very..."Unprofessional" and impatient

now, you told me that I had to read more right? do a bit of search? maybe you should read more, I told you I tested a lot of games, not just DBZ budokai and I was still getting 11-15 FPS as if it were capped at that, it was a question, deal with it and if u dont have the patience to answer questions that are obviously gonna be asked then u are unfitting of being a mod...

Especially when u close the topic right after u reply :l Very mature, I can see this isnt a noob friendly board, nor is it open for healthy conversations

Go ahead and close this one too it will just prove practically all of my points your troll. And yes im trolling too

OH look ghe raised my warning level before even reading this topic...I didnt break any rules...but i guess im getting banned now..just a heads up to all u admins out there

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Im going to beat him to it, not because i agree with his actions but because this is not the place for you to whine about how your post has been handled. Now i ask you to go back to that thread and read arcums reply, which is relevent to your problem
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Air's reply, I believe you mean...
my bad
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