Unrecognized patch 'char' (pnach files)
I'm currently using the patch/pnach method of "cheating", and have come across something odd.

Using "patch=1,EE,<address>,short,0000 --> this being the value" and "patch=1,EE,<address>,word,00000000" to patch words and dwords respectively work flawlessly; but using the patch finder's output, "patch=1,EE,<address>,char,00", to edit single bytes does not seem to work. The console says that the patch loads fine, but spits out "Unrecognized patch 'char'" for every entry that uses 'char' as a length parameter. I'm just wondering: What's the proper length parameter?

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i think the emulator refers to it as "byte" rather than char, but the length is correct

give it a try
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Ah thank you. That works. Tongue

I got 'char' from the Cheat/Patch Finder. If you ask for an 8 bit code to use in the pnach by pressing Add, it gives you "patch=0,EE,<address>,char,<value>" as well as ",short,<value>" for 16 bits, ",word,<value>" for 32 bits and ",double,<value>" for 64 bits. I haven't tested "double", but "char" is apparently incorrect.

Anyway, thanks again. Smile

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