Unsolvable Crash Problem
No matter what setup I use, FFX (E) always crashes after the sending in Kilika. The only thing that comes up is the background noise. A save could be really helpful here.

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use pcsx2 0.9.4 to get past
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How can I get it?
(07-11-2009, 11:47 AM)Mark IV Wrote: How can I get it?

A simple google search, like this.
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I now have it but it isn't recognising the memory cards.
Disaster! All my saves are corrupted!Blink
well, you did backup them, right? should be your first thought before changing your pcsx2 and plugins, no matter if you down- or upgrade your versions. change your pcsx2 back to 0.9.6 and see if your saves really have been corrupted by the older pcsx2 version. also, did you experiment a bit with the config->advanced settings of pcsx2, sometimes other round/clamp modes enable you to get past such crash situations. can't give you any more specific info about which advanced settings might work with this scene as i never experienced this crash with my ffx (ger-pal).
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I did back them up but when I loaded them it said the data was corrupt again
attach your card here, I'll try to see if it works for me. (either works, I'll just see if I can resave it)
It won't let me attach the file. It says it's not allowed.

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