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Unstable PPA
Hey there,

Trying to use the PCSX2 unstable/daily build PPA on Ubuntu 21.04 and I noticed the builds have been failing recently:

Thus pcsx2-unstable package is not installable at the moment:
The following packages have unmet dependencies:
pcsx2-unstable:i386 : Depends: pcsx2:i386 (= 3:1.7.0~git202107200614+202107201656~ubuntu21.04.1) but it is not going to be installed

Is it known when/if the builds will be fixed?
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I think this will not be fixed anytime soon:

I'd recommend to download the current master-branch from Github and build it yourself, there are instructions available for Ubuntu 20.04, which should also be sufficient for the Ubuntu Betas I think.
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Check this out:
I think the guy is trying to fix it and get people testing it, tbh I'm not an ubuntu guy so I don't really follow it.

Alternatively and if you don't want to build from source - you can use the appimages off the master branch. Here's the latest as of posting:

You need a github account until we start posting them publically, however.
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