Unsure about my config for Dragon Quest VIII(and other games)
Got any issue with Dragon Quests and other games aswell. I keep getting fps drops and im pretty sure i shouldnt have it or might be wrong

Windows 7 64
AMD FX-4100 quad core 3.6Ghz
8 Gib ram
Asus Gefore GTX 660

[Image: MIi2N.jpg]
[Image: W7Y1S.jpg]
[Image: 4riZph.jpg]

Using aswell MH hacks:
MSAA x16
Half pixel
Wild arms

Im on a stable 60 fps most of the time sometime or something makes it drop to 40ish, any idea what i can do to prevent that?

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Erase that Emucr crap and try again

but your problem is quite easy to guess.
see that EE% reaching 100% at the top of your screen ?
means your CPU is struggling. That's to be expected with AMD faildozer architecture...
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OH i thought i had the right one from this site, so sorry
Switch to pcsx2 now!
So the only solution is to buy a proper CPU?
you may use some speedhacks to compensate, but there are many chances it won't help that much...
better keep playing this wonderful game on your PS2 to continue enjoying it until you get an overall better CPU.
CPU : AMD Ryzen 7 3800X
Mobo : Asus PRIME B450-PLUS
GPU : NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070
RAM : 16 Go
DQ8 is demanding but my old FX4100 was able to handle it without too much trouble, as its strength is essentially same as 3-5 y/o Athlons. And my (really) old Athlon at 3.1 ghz could handle this game at native res and EE/VU speedhacks. For FX4100, try MTVU hack and native/or x2 resolution. Also, the FX4100 can be pushed quite aggressively. Try it at 4.0 ghz. AVX instruction works well too on FX series.
Turn down your msaa and see if it helps
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