(Update 1.03) PS4 controller and Fatal Frame 1/Project Zero analog stick solution
= DS4 controller to Xbox controller wrapper
This is a tool that let you use DS4 controller in pcsx2 with vibration support.
DS4Windows can also do this, but if you don't want to install a system-wide driver you can use this tool instead.

The new pcsx2 (1.7) can't choose input plugin any more, i was planning to make a input plugin but i can't.
So dll injection method is used.
Please disable DirectInput(Legacy) in Lilypad settings or unmap the DS4 button maps (if you mapped before),
that let Lilypad to choose XInput (wrapped by this tool) to support vibration.

Basically you can use this tool to play other games with PS4 controller (support vibration) which support Xbox controller originally by the game.

Source code is also included.

= Fatal frame 1 problem
Fatal frame 1 has a very strange analog stick layout.
I still can't find any solution about this problem.

You move around your character with left stick and use the right stick to aim the flashlight.
But when you enter finder mode (like open sniper scope in a FPS game) the game use left stick to aim target and right stick to move character.
You can change the setting in FF2 and FF3 but no in FF1.

Another player has the detailed description here:

This tool can solve the problem.
Details about the patch usage is in the attached file.

Actually I want an AR version patch to solve this problem but i don't know how to add opcodes with ActionReplay code
i don't know anything about the PS2 CPU assembly, architecture.

= Version
+ Add setting: "PersistVibration" (details in DS4AsXInputSupport.ini)
* Fix? the finder mode address of Fatal Frame 1, address in previous version only works for sub character (the prologue chapter)

+ Add version info for exe and dll
+ Add icon for exe
* Fix a bug when controllers unplugged during playing
* Fix the bug which "Flash lightbar on low battery" function always enabled regardless of the FlashLowBattery setting

! Change the Touchpad button (Mapped to Select button) behaviour from touch to press
* Fix a bug when passing two or more parameters to target game executable

Initial version

Attached Files
.7z   DS4AsXInput_source.7z (Size: 249,79 KB / Downloads: 86)
.7z   DS4AsXInput.7z (Size: 175,86 KB / Downloads: 122)
.7z   DS4AsXInput (Size: 191,71 KB / Downloads: 86)
.7z   DS4AsXInput_source (Size: 268,04 KB / Downloads: 82)
.7z   DS4AsXInput_source (Size: 268,66 KB / Downloads: 80)
.7z   DS4AsXInput (Size: 192,17 KB / Downloads: 108)

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hello i am attempting to get the finder mode fix working with fatal frame 1 the us version i can't seem to get it to work does this only work with the japanese version?
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