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Update Direct X Help
My computer is Window Vista. I open my PCSX2, in adminstrator mode, and I tried to open a game to play, Narutimate Accel 2 (ISO Mounted already), something pop up telling me to update DirectX. I do know what it means, but I know how and where and how? Any help guys. I check my specs and my computer is Direct 10.

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get this one.
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Like... press ok and let the plugin take you to the page to do that?
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(02-05-2010, 09:04 AM)tallbender Wrote: get this one.

okay i have downloaded it, i tried to install it but then it tells me to extract, I don't know where to extract it at. if your gonna tell me to extract at my direct x folder, i can't find it lol.
Wherever you want. Extract it to C:/aa or something. Then go in that folder and run DXSETUP.exe (or something like that, the only exe file in the folder)
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