Update compilation guide?
I used to compile pcsx2 all the time (when it was still 9.6) using the guide provided (http://code.google.com/p/pcsx2/wiki/Comp...ForWindows)

I didn't use the emulator for awhile, so I stopped compiling my own for a about 2/3rds of the year. I went through the guide again and I had trouble compiling correctly. Any specific changes that I need to do? I know one of the errors was with zzogl (which I believe is no longer used as a plugin). Another one of the errors is with the xpadinput. Anybody have any tips? Thanks.

Side note - not asking for beta versions etc because I know they are not supported, just asking for some help with compiling my own again.
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Quote:Anybody have any tips? Thanks.

Don't compile xpad or zzogl? Tongue2

It would help if you told us what the errors are and BTW there's a support thread for compiling:
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i folowed the guide and all my compiles are going along nicely
I used that guide aswell and I had no problems (although the last one I compiled was around rev4000).
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The latest builds are a bit of a pain to compile since VB2008 has been dropped by MS and 2010 isn't compatiable with the guide.

Personally I've found it easier to get the latest compiled builds from someone else who has 2008 (I can't be bothered downloading 2+ gigs). The last compiled build I got was looking really good. Front Misson 4 finally runs on it.

Only nagging issues I've found are with Kessen 3 [Pal] and the SPD plugin. Audio seems to be choppier then in previous builds.
I was in the same boat as you, stopped playing with pcsx2 for almost a good 2 years? Man a lot has changed already Smile

I used the guide in the wiki to use with VS2008 and works just fine! The only thing that fails is that xbox plugin thing which isn't necessary. But yeah, still the same steps as before, no idea if VB2010 works yet.

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