Update the plugin section
Hi everyone, it seems that the website don't receive any update concerning the plugin section, the request here is to update the plugin section with some new/legacy plugin, here they are:

-Zzogl ver 166m along with cg.dll and CgGL.dll for Windows

-CLR_DEV9 BETA Winsock based dev9 plugin for Windows.

-Qemu plugin for singstar.

-Linuz CDVD iso for Windows (and linux?).

-SSSPSXPAD for Windows. Note: only the 32bit version work with PCSX2.

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I assume you're talking about the plugins on pcsx2.net?

I guess they could be added there, but most of them don't provide any benefit over newer plugins.even with some legacy configurations.
Yes, I was talking about PCSX2.net. About the utility, in my opinion It can be nice to have some alternative plugins for the users (the freedom of the choice Smile). And it will help if for exemple, a game runs better on the alternative plugin than the original.
I'll take a look, sometimes it's better to not give too many options since it will confuse more people than help
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If they are correctly documented (aka GSDX alternative for ZZogl for exemple), I sould not be a problem for the users Smile. Also I noticed that there is an outdated Qemu wheel plugin, you can just replace it with the singstar plugin wich is a fork of the Wheel plugin.
The singstar plugin is for singstar and the wheel plugin is for driving wheels (obviously) so their only relation is that the first one was developed starting from the second one's source.
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The tools section should also be update with these files:

-Some memorycard utilities: (Note: possible false positive with the Google verification, antivirus are fine.)

And maybe add cheat engine as well as GSdumpGUI.
Let us decide what needs to be on the website and what not
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