Updated Plugins on the beta downloads page
Hey people.
While we're still working on the new PCSX2 version, we've also been constantly adding to the all important plugins.
Every now and then we release a beta plugin pack, so you can test them out and benefit from the new features a bit earlier Smile
Head over to the beta downloads page here to grab the new March 2010 package.

SPU2-X 1.4:
  • Yet again improved sound quality by fixing a sample overflow in the ADPCM decoder.
  • Adjustable reverb volume, for deeper reverb effects.
  • Fixes to interrupts and status registers that allow many more games to boot.
    Games fixed by this update include titles like Fatal Frame 2 and 3, Black, the Burnout series, Max Payne 2, Silent Hill 0rigins, Silent Hill Shattered Memories and, of course, "Disney Princess: Enchanted Journey" Tongue

GSdx 0.1.16:
  • Stability fixes (less exception crashes).
  • More games have post processing removed, making them playable.
  • Fixed a blending effect used in Final Fantasy 10, 10-2 and Grandia3.
  • Many more tweaks and additions.

  • Several bug fixes that make it work better with the new PCSX2 version.
And many more..
Remember that you have to update DirectX and also to install the latest
"Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 SP1 Redistributable Package (x86)".
Links here and here.


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what's this new "portaudio_x86_noasio.dll"?
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It's a dll that the new SPU2-X requires.
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k thanks bositman Laugh

thanks for the new plugins Laugh how they'll work out good Laugh
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My Turtle Box:
Intel i3 @ 2.7Ghz
Corsair 4gb DDR3
HD4670 1024mb
Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit
Great job with this latest plugins! Great speedup and stability in many games for me! Thanks!
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Fatal Frame 2 working?
I gota try this out Ohmy


Edit2: Odd.. Wen i go to save in Fatal Frame 2, it just stays at "creating save file"
No other games are doing that atm.
Good thing im using quick saves :3
Any one else have this prob?
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You're using speed hacks probably. Works perfectly here.
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Nice to hear, new features and fixes are always welcome.

Thanks for the update, keep up the good work. Wink
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Seems like it's time to test Force Unleashed and see if it's more playable now then before, one can only hope for miracles!
Awesome Laugh
Edit: Love pcsx2 !!! Laugh

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