Updating PCSX2
I've been using 0.9.7 for the past while & had no problems, however to play a new game I got I had to update to the latest version, my problem being my saves on my memory cards. When opening them in the new version of PCSX it says they are unformatted and need to be formatted before I can use them, obviously then I lose all my saves from my other games.

Currently I am running 0.9.7 to play all my old games & 0.9.8 to run the new one, is there a way to transfer my saves across versions or do I have to continue like this or just lose all my saves?

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That's strange, did you try running 0.9.8, putting one of the old memcards in slot 1 and a new one in slot 2 to transfer the save games from 1->2? You can do it by setting CDVD to no disc and booting with fast or full.
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One question first...can you load the saves normally(not by first load a save state)from the memory card with 0.9.7(start pcsx2=>choose the game=>load the save from the memory card)
Ah, Figured it out, I was using memory cards at varying stages of being backup up over the years, my 0.9.7 was actually set to the same file location as 0.9.8, but on a drive thats no longer accessible by windows and somehow still able to read/write off it. (E\[Emulator]\PS2\memcards vs D\[Emulator]\PS2\memcards).

Didn't realize I could boot with no disc, so thanks, spent an hour and got all my latest saves all on 1 up to date memory card now and deleted the copies.

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