Upgrading System.. will it give me a significant performance boost?
I'm just about to get a 2nd HD 5870 & run them in Crossfire.
I can currently run most things Iv'e tried OK on my i7 920 3.45Ghz (OC) with 2x/3x and sometimes 4x (depending on the game) I'm also getting 6Gb..? more memory (haven't decided exactly how much yet) currently i have 6Gb and plan to further overclock my CPU to 4Ghz & as far as i can stably go beyond that as soon my new cooler arrives, based on all that how much of a performance boost could i expect to see in PCSX2..?


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Not that much, GSDX up-scaling is usually limited by the video card on how high you can go.
Game speed should be about the same as before unless you are playing a very cpu intensive game you might see a 5-10 fps increase (not much)
Crossfire has never helped PCSX2.

More system memory won't really help performance, either.
Make it faster, and now you might see an FPS or two.

The processor overclock will most certainly introduce performance gains,
but not in the way of resolution.
Well, all the above posts are right, but still the upgrade to crossfire seems good. The memory, maybe not, your motherboard might be already running those 6GB in three way mode (supposing it being 3 2GB sticks.

The videocard is good for playing PCSX2 already, remember the original console is not that great in the graphics department, what PCSX2 can do (and does most of times) is enhancing post processing and scaling, what helps to some extent but is never the same as actual native high resolution textures.

This being said, you should not have much of performance issues except if trying to go too hard on "graphical quality". Some games are naturally hard on the emulator and a few are not yet well emulated does not matter your hardware.

The point is if having really annoying issue, "with particular game", tell us so we can try help. That upgrade will not improve your actual performance with PCSX2 but surely is worthy for a lot of games out there.

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I felt compelled to advise against going crossfire. It's not worth the future troubles. Having to wait up to a month+ after any new game launch for crossfire drivers/profiles, and compatibility issues with older games etc.

Obviously, if you have your heart set on going crossfire, random people arn't going to change your mind, but i'd seriously consider just getting a good single card, less heat, PSU req, higher compatibility. Maybe a 6970/GTX570/80, or save a bit extra for a 7950 would be my advice.

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