Upscale Issue?
So I've used this in the past, about 2 maybe 3 years ago, and can say things ran perfectly, specifically Kingdom Hearts 2. I have a somewhat high end PC so the graphical changes I made in the plugin settings were of no problem as far as I was concerned.

Come yesterday. Formatted my hard drive, clean windows install and reinstalled the important device drivers, like my GPU. Bear in mind I have the same specs from those years back. Decided to get back into kh2 on PC as I loved the customization pcsx2 provided but found myself stuck at remembering how to work the settings.

In the end the main problem that I still can't figure out is how to work the gsdx plugin settings. Nothing would change in game when I tried to upscale. I've looked at guides on the forum, other forums, YouTube, and I feel like I might be slightly retarded. Basically I'm just picky about wanting the game to look nicer as it runs just fine without any REAL issues.

Idk if this is enough information on my situation, but I'm not home atm, and if anyone could give some insight on what I should do or where to look, i would appreciate it greatly.
Btw I have an i7 2600 and a amd Radeon 6870.

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increasing internal res should be ok as long as you're not using software mode
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Keep in mind that cutscenes can not be upscaled. Compare in-game graphics while tinkering with internal resolution.

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