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Urban Reign Multiplayer multitap problem
I have this issue with playing Urban Reign with 4 controllers via Lilypad multitap on pcsx2 latest version. The game should support multitap but somehow it doesnt work. I have both multitaps checkd from the pcsx2 config and the paddings. Tested the both versions of it PAL and the USA same thing. The Pad1 and Pad2 works fine.

I went and tried timesplitters working with 4 player multitap and that game worked fine with all 4 controllers.. Is it so that the game Urban Reign just doesnt support multitap? Everyting says in the net that it supports multitap its weird. I have seen some videos on youtube that 3 ppl playing the free-for-all knockout. Is there a way to play it with 4 players Unsure

Has somebody made it to work with 4 controllers or even 3?
Can anyone confirm this? Sad

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Quote:Unfortunately, third party multi-taps are not supported; meaning only gamers with Sony brand multi-taps can take advantage of this.
from here.

Maybe the game is indeed special.
Oh wow.. I never would have guessed Mellow Thanks alot for your answer otherwise i woulda putted more hours for making it work Closedeyes

Its indeed a rare case. The game is pretty good for a 4 player couch party game Sad I guess i have to with 2 pads only then, if someone has any solution to this let me know.
It could be that you just need some hack. Maybe there is a action replay/airmax/xploder code to disable the check.
Thank you for the tip i tried it but no luck finding anything that disables it Sad

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