Urbz, Sims in the City Texture Glitch.
Hello all, i was wonder if there was a fix for the Cellphone Texture glitch in the Urbz, I understand from what I've read that if you switch to Software whether its DX11 or OGL it fixes the issue with the cellphone but then it becomes a blurry mess afterward, the only way I've come to fix that is by switching to Hardware mode, So at this point it seems like one or the other. 

This is how it looks when you use Software - 
.png   Screenshot 2021-07-20 222021.png (Size: 1,18 MB / Downloads: 117)

This is how it looks when you use Hardware - 
.png   Screenshot 2021-07-20 221940-min.png (Size: 774,13 KB / Downloads: 114)

I was just wondering if there was just any fix to this annoyance.

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