Usability of modded ISOs
Hello there!
After checking the internet for half an hour for the solution of the problem, I decided to ask at the forums.
The problem is, that I modded my DBZ - Budokai 3 ISO just like it was shown in a tutorial on YouTube from a famous modder. I changed things like colour of clothes etc, so nothing significant. After exchanging the original ISO files with the modded ones, I saved them and got my modded ISO. But when I started the game then on PCSX2, it wouldn't work. First it would go to the PS2 boot screen and then it would say 'Please insert a Playstation 2 format disc'. Before I modded the ISO, the game worked perfectly.
Now my question:
Is it possible to play the modded game? And if yes, how? The modder somehow got it to work on an emulator.
Thank you!

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It is possible - I run moddded tenkaichi 3 with custom music myself, you simply broke something in the process of your modding, it wouldn't work on real ps2 either.(not to mention a backup itself wouldn't either without modding the console;p)

If you're going along some tutorial, watch it again and do exactly same as on the movie or at least try to understand what you're doing. Also when it comes about re-creating PS2 ISO most popular programs for pc are unable to do that, your best bet is to replace the files inside existing game backup and even then it can easily break, it's best to keep the modded files at exactly same size to keep it safe.
Thank you, I am going to see if I made any mistakes. Also thank you for your helpful tips Smile
So, after doing everything again he has done in the tutorial, it still doesn't work. But! I think I know now what is the problem:
Size of ISO before modding: 4,7 GB
Size of ISO after modding: 1,4 GB
I didnt delete anything, which means: the modded ISO is just raw data. I need to get the modded ISO back to the 4,7 GB state without deleting the mod.
Now my question:
Is that possible? If yes, how? Also, if you want a link to the tutorial, I can give it to you when you ask me.
Thank you!
It depends what you removed the ISO. It could be that was just a raw bytes (blank space) or it could have been padding files, it really depends what the modder told you to do.

The other thing which could be an issue is the order the files went back on the iso in. Usually you have to use PS2GEN or Apache to make a PS2 DVD in the right order.
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I swapped some characters in the data_cmn.afs file, placed the modded file exactly in the right folder and replaced the original file with the modded one. Then I saved the modded ISO. After that, the size was reduced to 1,4 GB. I'd like to tell you my ISO editing program but I don't really know if it's allowed to post it here.
For that you know exactly what I made, look at the tutorial. Here's the link:
alright that youtube link distributes copyright files from the game and so we cannot support it here. if you were modifying your own files, it wouldn't be so frowned upon, but this is just short of piracy.

I won't give you a warning for this as you didn't willfully steal the game or anything, it's a tough grey area, but im afraid continued support for this issue cannot carry on. You will need to find out how to modify these files yourself.
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