Usb etc..
Ahoy to da PCSX2 community.
I have downloaded pcsx2 today and i apologise if answers to my following questions are already available here.
Googlè gave me no help and guys, the readme's are written to the way the author understands it and sort of confuses the end user sorry to say.
I think its great though that the creators could charge for their product and dont so thanx.
A few questions if i may though:
i have downloaded pcsx2.msi and the beta file .7z
also the ps2dumper.iso
What else do i require?
My situation is that i dont have a lan cable and would really appreciate it if someone could explain to me, and others in this situation, how to do it with only a usb device and a cd/dvd disc containing an iso of what is needed?
or please post here to help us all!
Cheerz all
dJ S.A.
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K yo, anyone help paleaze?
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