Use/load savestates from OLD releases on NEW releases?
somehow i cannot use/load OLD savestates from earlier/older releases on the newest releases... like, if i copy/paste the savestates from the older release "sstates"-folder to the newest releases "sstates"-folder, run the pcsx2 and try to load any of the states, the log gives me "Unrecognized file signature while loading savestate." or something like that... if i try to load the states on the OLD release, it works fine tho...

HOW do i load the savestates on the newest releases?!

and yes, i cannot use the old release since it doesn't work with windows 7! (i used the old release on windows xp and the newer releases for win7) i've taken this in another thread of mine!

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Save states become incompatible between revisions of PCSX2 from time to time, it's expected as many things in the program change and not much you can do about it, even save states that worked in the last 0.9.7 beta may not work already with the new one.

Old versions of PCSX2 should work fine in new windows, there's probably something else affecting compatibility but it's recommended to use the newer betas/releases anyway and if you want to keep old savestates you will have to keep running different versions of PCSX2 all the time so I'd just keep whatever you need from those old savestates to your memorycard instead Tongue2
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Shadow lady told almost all already. So, because the unavoidable incompatibility between the emulators versions (notice it's not only from major versions change but can happen even between builds for the same version) the user must become used to make the normal saves which are controlled by the game and don't depend on the memory snapshot (so they will always work between versions).

Edit: just noticed I didn't add anything... she told about the memcard... so, to not be totally inutile, what she meant is if you load the game from the savestate using the previous version, play enough to find a save point and saving to the memcard you are good to change to the new emulator version and retrieve the game from where you was.
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