Use mouse on games

I've been trying to set the mouse as controller without success. Is it possible to use mouse on every game or certain games do not allow it.

Here are my configurations on Controllers Lilypad window:

[Image: pcsx2.png]

I've set the configurations as someone described here for mouse. On Pad1 I have my Gamepad assignments for a Logitech pad.

Pad2 is empty but I configured it with the mouse and nothing works. I configured the Cross and Circle buttons for mouse left and right buttons. Dpad with mouse movements up, down, right, left and still didn't work.

Ny the way I have a Logitech Desktop Wave Mouse wireless

What am I doing wrong? Thanks

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By the way I'm trying it out on Time Crisis 2 and 3 not sure if it only happens with these 2 games
Thanks but I cannot do it with PCSX2?

I thought you could do it?
Try with the Nuvee plugin. It's awesome for games that support such input.
[Image: nbKSK.jpg]
Ok I placed the Nuvee DLL on PCSX2 Plugins folder. Launched PCSX2, set the plugin to nuvee from the Plugins/Bios Selector menu. Assigned it to USB. Then I go to the USB -> nuvee. Set nuvee device and configured it. On the config window I select Acquire. He asks me if I want to use my gamepad as my mouse. I select no. Press mouse key he detects it.

Manual last step is to choose game profile. What is meant with this? Run the game?

I run the game move the mouse nothing happens.

I need to have the mouse configured on lilypad right?
You need to read the README files included with the plugin, then read Original thread. Then, read the PCSX2 thread.
[Image: nbKSK.jpg]
Ok I managed to get the mouse to work inside the game I now understand the concept but its rather hard to get it at first.

Now one thing I cannot manage to make the mouse pointer aligned with the actual shooting in a 640x480 window is around 3 cm off to the right but the weird if I move the mouse to the left the aim and the arrow almost match the more to the right the worst. Needless to say I cannot shot anything that is looked close to the right side of the screen.

I know there are some calibration value in the original thread but where do I input these values? I tried in the alignment field but didn't work. Also one more thing how come I loose the original configurations every time I close PCSX2?

Bind some key to "Mouse" (in top-right corner). Then press that key during gameplay to focus the mouse inside PCSX2 window.

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