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Hello, my name is Guille, i am from Spain(Europe), i had a ps2 but i gave it to a friend who cannot afford a brand new playstation or gaming computer, as i have now a gaming computer to run the emulator, thanks to the developers for making this great ps2 emulator and sharing it with all of us.

i would like to know if it's possible how can i play in pcsx2 using the mouse, combining it with keyboard, i want to do that to play shooter games like battlefront or tomb raider or tom clancy, i configured it on the controller settings but when i press the buttons doesn't answer and when press the left button the screen changes from widescreen to window.

Thanks in advance for your help. 

P.D.: I made a presentation here as i didn't find a presentations thread, and i wanted to briefly introduce myself before doing a question.

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sorry, but there's no way you can play pcsx2 legally if you don't own a playstation 2 anymore.
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