Using Codebreaker ?
Maybe thread wrong here but I must ask ı use both PCSX2 version 1.2.1 and 1.4.0 why because ı use codebreaker but some games freezeing codes activated swap disc after freezing 1.4.0 version and 1.2.1 working properly codebreaker...My question using two PCSX2 version it can be error or working buggy or any error for games or I should use one version????? Sorry for english. and 1.5.0 stable when releasing???

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Okay, 1.5 is a dev channel. There will be a 1.6 stable release, but I strongly recommend staying in dev builds. Secondly, coming back to this topic's question, the best thing to do is getting those codes from Codebreaker and converting then to decrypted raw using omniconvert. Then create a pnach file and place the codes in there. Here's a link for how to create pnach files.
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Storage: 256 SSD PCi NV M.2+1 TB HDD
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Most emulator dev builds are the new stable releases from older emulators.
You can run as many different versions of PCSX2 as you want. The dev builds come with a file called portable.ini that basically makes everything save in the same folder as the .exe file which is handy when using multiple versions (no need to worry if some setting change will effect another version or if a savestate was made with this version or that). Personally when I start a new "long" game (RPG, SRPG, other game that takes over 20 hours to complete) I tend to keep the version I started the game on until i finish it. I also keep one of the latest versions too that I run everything else on. So I tend to have 3 or so versions at any given time. With proper folder naming it is pretty easy to keep track of which emulator is which and by doing so I can have game specific settings for my long running games in the emulator folder that goes with that game and the rest I use a front end that allows for per game settings.
many thanks for answers, I think same with gtgamer468 "the best thing to do is getting those codes from Codebreaker and converting then to decrypted raw using omniconvert" why ı dont think before that thank you and ı want just one version using 1.5.0 beta
TkSilver ı understand two version can be working properly okay I finded PCSX2 1.5.0 settings for Codebreaker freezes and ı changed EE/IOP and VUs round mode and clamping mode and gives error console but not freeze and can access ingame maybe ım paranoia
but default options most recommended for developers, settings changed some games could be graphical issue or sound or not playable etc...????

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