Using DS3 for Player 1 and Xinput for Player 2
Hello all, I'm new here and I have come today with a problem I just can't quite figure out. I tend to try to solve my problems all on my own, but this issue has genuinely stumped me that I don't think I can find a solution without asking directly. So basically, I have been using PCSX2 with my DS3 controller, via the SCP Driver as detailed here. Previously, I had been using the SCP driver without the lilypad SCP plugin, thus using it as if its a regular Xinput controller, but after learning of the advantages of using the lilypad SCP plugin (pressure sensitive buttons, among others, correct?) I began to use that instead. See, I have a DS3 controller as well as wired Xbox 360 controller, and when I'm playing a 2-player game, I would bind that as a player 2. Before, when I use the default lilypad plugin, I could register both as Xinputs, the DS3 as "XInput Pad 0" and the Xbox 360 as "XInput Pad 1"  but when I try to use the lilypad SCP plugin, It will show "Dualshock 3 #1" and, given I turn on the"XInput" option, "XInput Pad 0", both being the same, DS3 controller. However, the Xbox360 controller, despite being plugged in, does not register as "XInput Pad 1" like if I use the default lilypad plugin. If I turn DirectInput on, both the Xbox 360 and the DS3 controller will show as "DX XBOX 360 for Windows (Controller)", which also works with regular lilypad. Of course, I could bind the X360 controller to the DirectInput instead of the Xinput, but then I won't be able to use the force feedback on the X360 controller. So my question is: How do I use Dualshock 3 Native Mode for player 1, and Xinput for Player 2 (As opposed to DirectInput)? I know it's a pretty unimportant and trivial question, but it really irks me and I would really appreciate any help.

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