Using DS3 on windows 8
Hey, I'm just wondering if anyone knows how I could use the dualshock 3 controller with my laptop running Windows 8 x64bit. Just wanted to use one because I'm planning on playing some games that require button bashing and don't want to kill my keyboard...

I'd prefer not to use the motioninjoy program because apparently it messes up the bluetooth (read something about it awhile ago); not too sure, I'm quite bad with technology so yeah... I don't really have a preferred input method, so either through a cable or bluetooth would be fine as long as nothing is screwed up.

And sorry if there was already a question like this posted, but I can't find any support for windows 8 x64bit

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Ahh.. right. Thank you haha
But last question/problem: Whenever I connect my controller t my laptop, the controller is recognised but it also turns on my PS3 and my laptop no longer recognises it anymore. This also happens whenever I try to remove the controller, where this also turns on the PS3.
I just find it a pain to have to run out of my room to turn off my PS3 & TV whenever I connect the controller. Is there anyway to prevent this from happening?

Thanks in advance so I don't post again and bump the thread.
It happens to me alot, what I do is switch the console off my the main power/remove the power cable. The PS3 won't turn on then.
If you dont want to use the ds3 with the ps3 you could always try plugging it into the pc via the usb cable and hitting the sync button on the ds3 and seeing if that helps. we have 3 ds3s here and I use the one that isnt being used on the ps3 for my pc

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