Using GameShark V2 to enable cheats on ISO'd games that I own.
I have managed to scrounge up an old Gameshark 2 disc that I had nearly forgotten that I had earlier. After playing some of my favorite childhood games that I got over the years, backing them up on ISO's, both for convenience and easy swapping.

I have been attempting to use my Gameshark 2 in my disc drive, because I was not able to convert the Gameshark 2 disc into an ISO. Using the Gameshark 2 disc as a playable DVD in the plugin slot on PCSX2, and it successfully boots up, and can recognize all of my gamesaves, which is quite impressive.

However, I have not been able to get the Gameshark 2 to recognize the game discs. I have not tried scrounging up the discs and swapping them out manually just yet.

I was hoping to get anyone's input on how to use a Gameshark 2 disc successfully. has anyone successfully managed to implement gameshark cheats with PCSX2?

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