Using Keyboard, "forward" is permanently pressed?
Hi!  Biggrin

I'm totally new to this, downloaded Pcsx2 earlier this evening and slowly finding my way around it. No extensive knowledge. Laugh

I've managed to successfully set it up and download and load 2 ISOs, which both play fine except for one thing - once i get past the cinematics and onto controlling my character, it acts as though the "up" or "forward" button is permanently pressed down. 

I have set my bindings to Up (W) Down (S) Left (A) and Right (D) and my shape buttons are arrow keys, start is enter select is tab. Everything else seems to work perfectly but my character keeps running forward despite not having my finger on the W key.  Mellow

Tried disabling my mouse in case that was interfering but same issue. I've tried on two completely separate games (Harvest Moon and Crash Bandicoot) and both have the same issue. Nothing seems to work if i change the API to raw or direct.  Wacko

I'm running windows 10 x64bit. I'm assuming i'm missing something completely obvious in the control settings! I have a gamepad on order but It wont be here til tuesday.  Biggrin 

If you can help me out i'd be really grateful!

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Quote:I've managed to successfully set it up and download and load 2 ISOs

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