Using New Version Getting Visual Errors
I have a I7-975 3.33 and 12gb ram on Win7 64bit
My video cards are dual 5970's
I am using PCSX2 0.9.8

I used to have no problem playing persona 4 or other games, that was on 0.9.6 now on 0.9.8 i get this screen tearing. Any idea on how my setting should be configured properly if anyone has the same kind of computer? Any help is appreciated and thanks ahead of time.

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Hi, BridgetFisher

Would be very nice if you could provide your current PCSX2 graphics setting (i.e graphics plugin configuration, etc)


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What kind of tearing? can you explain a little better?

Since you have win7, do you have Aero enabled?
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Yes I am pretty sure aero is enabled and my plugin is using the default ones that come with the pcsx2. All are compatible with my processor. they all do the same thing anyways
NOw when playing grim grimoire it seems to run slow on the audio then just lock up and freeze the whole computer, any ideas?
Your computer has stability issues that PCSX2 trigger, maybe your processor is overheating. It's not the emulator's fault though.
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(02-13-2012, 02:33 AM)Bositman Wrote: Your computer has stability issues that PCSX2 trigger, maybe your processor is overheating. It's not the emulator's fault though.

Thanks for the suggestion and I do appreciate the reply, thing is my processor and vid cards are liquid cooled with separate fans for each hard drive bay. CPU stays steady temp so do video cards so not that, any other ideas? i think it might be the video cards are not powerful enough what do you guys think?
can you make a screenshot? it sounds more like what Bositman said though, maybe your PSU isn't powerful enough (or is going) for the CPU + dual video cards at full load.

It could also be something simple like ram timings or bad drivers.

your best bet would be to run a program like Linx, memtest86+(or the windows 7 memtest) to try and isolate the problem.
did you upgrade from 9.6 to 9.8? I had a similar issue when i did that, everything was all screwed up for no reason, deleting the ini files and letting PCSX2 recreate them solved it for me. Maybe thats you issue?
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I jsut deleted the original 9.6 when I upgraded so shouldnt be an issue.

far as cpu and ram nope their not at full load and temp sensors since their liquid cooled say most is at 44 with the cpu at 66, it never changes do to them being liquid cooled.

there is a problem and I would like to isolate it if someone could suggest a program with a link I would appreciate it. Could be the ram could be anything, maybe I should just call a preist.

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