Using PCSX2 with Apple Disc Sharing (Remote Disc)
I'm trying to get some screenshots of a PS2 game for a blog post I'm writing, and my HP laptop can't emulate the PS2 and my Linux PC which is far more powerful can, but I just discovered that its optical drive is probably dead. 

My next bet is my 2015 Retina Display MacBook Pro, which in theory should be able to emulate the PS2 quite well because of its Intel Core i5 CPU (As a side note, I asked a question here in 2013 about why I got "slow motion" in PCSX2 on my HP laptop and I discovered later on that it's because AMD CPUs didn't have a high instruction per clock count like Intel CPUs did and that's why PCSX2 performed poorly).

However, because my MacBook Pro is a Retina Display model, it lacks an optical drive. I've been able to use Apple's utility that allows you to share the optical drive between my MacBook and other Macs and Windows laptops over the network, now the trouble seems to be with actually getting PCSX2 to read the discs being shared over the network. 

I've been using my HP's optical drive to read the disc. The game disc mounts to my MacBook's desktop and I can access the files on the disc as I should be able to, but when I attempt to boot PCSX2, it crashes with a "Segmentation fault 11" error. According to a post I found, this is caused by bad ISO rips which is not applicable to my scenario, so I thought that PCSX2 might not be reading the optical discs inserted into my HP laptop and read by my MacBook. 

Can anyone shed some light onto my situation?

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