Using a NON-PLAYSTATION controller
Every other thread I've found is about getting a playstation or xbox controller to work. What about just a regular, generic PC controller? I was able to successfully map it on pcsx2 but when I try to play a game, none of the buttons on the controller respond (nor do any of the buttons on my keyboard for that matter). Do I need lilyput, or something else...? What confuses me is that I didn't need to use lilyput or any other external program to use the controller with epsxe; all I had to do was map it under "config".


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The plugin in ePSXe(if you can say it plugin)is integrated into ePSXe and that's why you don't need anything external.

For pcsx2 it's best to use LilyPad...both of my controllers(PC only controller and PC\PS2 controller) are working fine without any problems.
Are you using LilyPad and if you do,are you sure you configure everything correctly(including the D-Pad and Left Analog).
You can also try different keyboard APIs and Game Device APIs
Thanks vsub, it worked. Smile

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