Using a Skin from another game
pretty sure this is a huge shot in the dark here,

But if I wanted to use a Skin from DW3XL in DW4XL is there anyone on this forum that would know about how I could do that?

Would really appreciate the help and if it takes alot of work that I cant do,  I could pay you for your time.


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Not possible as far as I know.
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Well thanks for the reply, i know there are tools that extract models out of the DW games, could never get one to work for 3 that didnt come out flat. But theres a program that worked for dw8, i have all those models, too bad Tactics Lu Bu doesnt exist as a skin in anything but 3 XL, even if I got it it, i assume I would have to find a way to decompile 4, just to put it in... lol a bit excessive .

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