Using a macro for keystrokes?

I've tried multiple times in the past to get a macro working for repetitive in-game tasks. The controls are mapped to keys on my keyboard, and the macro records correctly, but playing back the macro never works. It is as though the keystroke just doesn't get sent to the controller emulator. It seems strange this doesn't work, as the macro software seems to work for anything else. But there evidently is a difference between physically pressing the key and having software do it for you.

Anyone got this working? Anyone tried? Any tips?


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Answering the question: "Which the two is getting the key press signal first, the emulator or the macro?". If it's an external software, like Autohotkey the answer may be there. Anyway, consider inputting delays in the macro to reduce polling issues.

PS: Make sure the plugin gets the signal from the "Windows messaging" and not "Raw input" or "Direct input"... or try these if it's the case, that may help.
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