Using a real controller
I've been curious about this for some time. I've seen things like this where you can hook up playstation controllers to your PC via usb.

I really don't know how/if this sort of thing would work on the emu, and regardless of if it can or not, I'm wondering what these kind of things are actually designed and marketed to do (I would assume they aren't made for the purpose of running a ps2 emulator on your computer Tongue).


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Yup I have one myself. I got mine from radioshack, worked absolutely perfectly for the first 5 months, then ddr pads stopped working properly and the second controller became unresponsive during 25% of the button presses. A windows reinstall didn't fix it so its obviously a hardware issue. It supported even the rumble feature and 2 controllers simutaniously. It came with software as you obviously need drivers for it.

Be careful not all are quality make. Some have difficulty working with ddr mats, some although equipt to handle 2 controllers only work properly with one. Some stop working after a certain period. Its what you get for buying cheap chinese made products from small companies you've never heard of before.

There are reviews scattered around the web of some models. I suggest you do a google search for that particular one and find out how others have faired with it.
Wow thats awesome to hear that they work. I plan on using it not only for PCSX2 but also my original playstation emus. How exactly does it work with the emu though, will I just have to put the drivers on my pc? Is there anything I would have to do in terms of plugins on the emulator itself?
Once you get the drivers for it (hopefully it comes with a dvd/cd driver disk) you install them and windows recognises the device as a regular usb gamepad. Then you calibrate the gamepad in your control panel. After that you just go to the pcsx2 controller plugin configuration and set the buttons as you normally would. I suggest using Lilypad as it is the most configurable and has lots of nice features.
Alright sounds good to me. Most of the devices seem to be priced around the same so its just a matter of finding the one best reviewed. I'll have to do a bit of searching around.
they're $10-15. go buy one. I have one and it works fine on EVERY emulator and PC game.. I've not had a problem with it ever

This is the one I use:
[Image: a0iic2.png]
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I did a little searching on google and came up with this one, I think it might be the same one that you have creamsoda

Its dirt cheap, and looks like it comes brand new with the drivers on disk which is nice (and also a LED Flashlight Keychain and Microfiber Optical Cloth). I'm going to order one for sure, I just have to go and dig out my old controllers, if I even still have them. Of course if for some reason I can't see to find the ones I think I have, I can always pick up a controller really cheap too Smile
It should work fine if you get the drivers, especially Vista might be a problem. I have 2 PS3 pads which I like very much and they worked fine in XP but for Vista there are no drivers available so I have to play with an old Logitech Rumblepad Sad.
That was my only thought about getting one, I'm running on a vista 64-bit laptop so I'm not sure.
then it might not work because these adapters a probably old and have no Vista support. Actually Vista x64 is the problem as 32Bit Vista can use XP drivers. Just get a gamepad like the Logitech Rumblepad 2 which doesn't need any drivers at all. It is not as good as PS2 or even PS3 controller but still much better than keyboard Smile.

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