Using cheat engine with the original devil may cry
Hello Sirs,

Unfortunately, when I play the original Devil may cry using PCSX2, I get 2 problems: the first is that the game slows down at boss fights and at some instances of minion fights; the second my life bar doesn't increase with any of the blue orbs I acquire. (blue orbs are hp upgrades). Because of these issues, I have shamefully resorted to cheating via cheat engine. The problem is I don't quite know how. Does anyone know how to hack the hp bar and freeze it? I tried doing an "unknown initial value-decrease value-4byte" scan, but this didn't work. Maybe health is stored as a double or a floating point? Or maybe it's more complex than that? 

Anyhow an actual fix would be pointless until I clean all the dust from my laptop. Until then just advice on how to freeze and unfreeze my hp bar will be good enough.

Thank you

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Can you post your system specs and PCSX2 version?
2.2ghz i7 processer
8gb ram
windows 7 64-bit
Intel HD graphics 3000- 1696mb approx total memory

It's a custom dell laptop, everything is custom dell and intel

PCSX2 version 1.4

Also I don't think it's my specs, I think its dust.

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