Using cheats in PCSX2 [any info welcome!]
Hello there guys, I kinda got tired of waiting for good info in other communities and just joined this one to get info directly from the source.

I got a good pc, and an old but still working perfectly ps2 console. After trying so much, I found out that I can't use cheats on my console at all [various issues... long story]

So, I went with PCSX2. After some disc-dumping and tries, I got around to use action replay max evo [1.0] dumped iso to load cheats and then load my KH1 iso to run the game. I was using inf health and inf MP codes, JUST THAT. It ran well until I reached the boss in destiny islands. The emulator crashed when I killed it [screen got black instead of showing the common effects of a defeated boss].

When I tried the SAME PROCESS again, [load AR ME iso > select codes, hit alt+enter or esc > change disc to KH1 iso > load game from AR ME menu] the emulator shows a bunch of errors in the log window instead of loading the game, and then crashes.

I was using version 0.9.8 r4600-564, and recently found 1.0 r5340, and both give the same result. Seems like older versions had cheat options, but now, I can't find this anywhere.

What I plan to run with cheats is:
Kingdom Hearts 1 - infinite health/mp for sora

Kingdom Hearts re:Chain of Memories - inf health for sora and the widescreen hack. Maybe something for deck reloading, but having only the first two is just fine.

Kingdom Hearts 2 final mix+ [english patched] - Inf Health, widescreen hack, and use of any form/party slot modifier. [The last part, is probably something that should be activated in-game. if I can't manually input the codes with the game running, maybe a button combination would work]

That's it. I know there's the use of pnach files, but I'm not sure how I can add codes to the file and actually where to find said codes. [Already found out the widescreen part for re:CoM and 2 final mix, but no idea about the rest]

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Where there's PCSX2CE, which is a java-based cheat maker. Can auto-covert to the "patch" type of cheats, but don't know limits on it's converts. I do know it'll auto convert comments too (and has gotten confused once or twice thinking a cheat was a comment)...which is nice. Anyway, don't have to go through any tedious processes with other "games" made for cheating, and it's fairly easy to do...

[/ramble], link:

Don't use it often myself, but works well for the most part. (Main problems I've had are finding codes....and of course, if they don't work right. I've managed to somehow break forms from working on KH2FM...I mean, T-Stancing forms...and all I did was swap friends for bosses and allow forms without them. Dual Seph in Throne Room works okay, so does Dual Roxas, yet Roxas/Sephy breaks it...meh, rambling....)

Oh, and something nice about it: you can savestate, hit "Enable Cheats", reboot CD/DVD, loadstate, and have it reload stuff (change area basically), and cheats are fully set. (Like on KH2, have "Swap Goofy for Terra" code ready, savestate, turn them on, "reboot", loadstate, and change rooms. Find Terra right behind you.)
Well, that's great! Care to share some of the codes? Would save me a ton of time looking for the cheats...
Lookie here
Naoan, there's nothing about KH1 in there, it seems Sad
Still looking for KH1 crc, and trying to convert AR max EVO codes. Not sure how exactly I should input the codes and what I should expect the program to return Sad
was going to reprove you but damn, you're right!

here you go then

CRC can be gotten from PCSX2 console, and I suggest you fully read and the linked guide there.
YESH! and I figured out how to convert stuff from AR to raw! Seems like I NEED the "-" between each part of the code, and the letters NEED to be in caps :1

But thanks, I think those are the same I got, so I'll just get them from the site Laugh

I ended up with these cheats:
Quote://Sora inf HP

//Sora inf MP
I'm almost sure they're the ones that worked before. Right now, they didn't work and seems like my memory card slot 1 is getting unformatted again and again. I lost an early save of ZOE2 special edition thanks to this, but whatever. Lucky thing I saved in both memory cards.

Anyone know why is this happening?
Those codes won't work because they are not raw format...either you didn't convert them or you convert them to the wrong format.

Also you have two other problems(along with the first one)
1.Using 2 for the first digit of the address along with extended will modify the next 4 addresses(you are supposed to modify only one)
2.KH don't use such big numbers for HP\MP and by using 999 you will get one or two negative effects
(07-25-2012, 11:10 PM)yanazake Wrote: Anyone know why is this happening?

Yeah. RTFM.
I used these codes from here.
Those are "sora" codes.
Quote:Infinite HP 0AB64929 000000FF
Infinite MP 0AB44929 000000FF

I thought they were raw format... well, on the other hand, there is a code that claims to do the same thing ["in battle" codes]

Quote:Infinite HP 2A2772DD 000003E7
Infinite MP 2A2F72DD 000003E7

So, I can't realy know which one actually works. I could make the "in battle" codes work directly from codebreaker, and the result was the hp/mp bar going a 3/4 circle [and when I took damage, when the bar shook, I saw a bunch of blue rectangles lined up right below the border of the screen. extension of the MP bar, it seems.]

(07-26-2012, 12:59 AM)naoan Wrote: Yeah. RTFM.
Hmm, I'm sure I'm not going to like the meaning of this... Anyway, I'm reading the other tutorial you posted, Naoan... But I still think I got things right already. The only problem is identifying the types and properly converting the codes.

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