Using cheats on AC5 and ACZ cause missiles to go through targets
I decided to play AC5 and ACZ using cheats just for fun on PCSX2 and decided to use the Codebreaker V10 cheat device on these games

However, upon activating the cheats, all of my missiles on AC5 hit the air targets but don't hit the Nimrods or the ships on mission 3. On ACZ, on the first mission, the missiles go through the bombers but hit the fighters with no issue. When playing without cheats, I can play the game normally. I use the cheats that give you invincibility, unlimited ammo and infinite credits

I have tried this on my old computer which worked really well, but I built a PC last year, and suddenly it does not work anymore. Not only that, but I have tried numerous builds of PCSX2, but it does not work.

Any advice would be appreciated.

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