Using mouse as Analog Stick
Ok, i do realized lilypad allow Axis X +, Axis X -, Axis Y +, Axis Y - as input. But what if i want to use the analog stick(mouse) as movement stick which constant input is required? 

** When using axis X,Y, if your mouse stopped moving, there will be no input **

I think something similar is achieved in dolphin emulator (Wii emulator) as they require wii stick aiming using mouse.

They also take Axis X, Y as input but they take "Cursor X, Y" as input too.

Can this be done in lilypad? or a new plugin is required?

I'm playing: The Nightmare Before Christmas Oogie's Revenge
Problem faced: having hard time trying to do a spin attack using keyboard

Cursor X, Y as shown in this video

at 1:37

1:37 of the video showing Cursor X, Y in dolphin emulator

[Image: 3b0YId8.jpg]

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You can do it in Lilypad by enabling mouse input; but it won't work like a PC mouse due to predefined acceleration curves, ect.

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