Using read-only on PCSX2.ini
I add read-only attribute to the pcsx2.ini because I don't want pcsx2 to remember my iso's list but if I do that,tons of PCS**.tmp files appear in the inis folder.

I don't want to remember the the isos list because that way pcsx2 will always ask me which iso I want to load(I can use Linizappz for that but that way if use that plugin,I have to switch to Gigaherz if I want to start a game from disk)

Is there is some way to stop pcsx2 creating those files or some other way to not remember the isos list.

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Old thread but I also find that "PCSX2 keeps a list of your recently used ISOs" in the 'Iso selector' section under the 'CDVD' quite annoying because now I have two ISOs with same name (same file) but in different locations. The other location doesn't exist anymore and it's useless.

So, is there any way to empty the list? Glare
Open up your PCSX2.ini file from wherever your ini files are stored and delete everything under the header [RECENT ISO] or just the ones you don't want anymore.
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(03-31-2011, 08:52 PM)Koji Wrote: Open up your PCSX2.ini file from wherever your ini files are stored and delete everything under the header [RECENT ISO] or just the ones you don't want anymore.

Thanks. That helped. Happy
You can try to write a batch file (*.bat or *.cmd) that will restore the PCSX2.ini file for you.

1. Open the directory where the PCSX2.ini file is located.
2. Make a subdirectory, call it "Backups" and copy the PCSX2.ini file into it.
3. Open Notepad and copy the following text:
copy "{Directory}\inis\Backups\PCSX2.ini" "{Directory}\inis\PCSX2.ini"
4. Replace "{Directory}" with valid PCSX2 settings directory path. In my case it is "C:\Users\DTG\Documents\PCSX2".
5. Save it as "Restore ini file.bat" or call it whatever you like.
6. Copy the batch file into the same directory where PCSX2.exe is located.
7. Right click on the batch file and create a shortcut.
8. Right click on the shortcut, click Properties, click on the "Shortcut" tab.
9. Select "Minimized" from the "Run" option. This option is used to run the batch file in silent mode (invisible mode). Additionally, you can change the Icon of the shortcut, so it will look better. For example, you could use PCSX2.exe icon.
10. Now copy the shortcut onto your desktop or wherever you want, and use it to run PCSX2.

The batch file launches PCSX2, and once PCSX2 has exited, it copies the "PCSX2.ini" file from the "Backups" directory into "inis" directory.

I have tested the same batch file script with my PCSX2 and it worked well.

Good Luck! Smile
That's easy,I can replace the file in other ways too but in that way,any settings that I made won't be saved and I only want pcsx2 to not remember the iso list.
Maybe the simpler is just making the


at the PCSX2.ini or PXSX2_ui.ini on the newest SVNs.

This still keep the current ISO being used, so I don't know it being enough.

Removing the "current ISO.." is meaningless because it is redone.

PS: Anyway, I think you are going into quicksand road. To use the internal reader you need to change the little box to "Iso", to read from disk or virtual drive you need to change to "Plugin"... conversely it's the only thing you need to do so to run from any plugin, and risks crashing the emulator if going "Iso" again without unmounting the disc or virtual driver.

PS2: I just tested the build 4509 and it does not crash anymore when selecting "Iso" and having PS2 discs mounted in Gigaherz. Good, the above post-scriptum is reduced to just change the beautiful little boxes and voilĂ ... instant ISO reader or mounted image/disc.
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If the ISO list is not remembered,I can just use for CDVD plugin Gigaherz and just switch between ISO and Plugin mode.

One other thing is to make an option to always ask what image to may still save the image into the recent list but to always ask if that option is enabled

BTW I don't know if this is some kind of bug with the pcsx2 rev that I'm using(4499)but setting that option to 0 also remembers the last image but the image also appear 3 times in the list(with 1 and higher is ok)
At least with recent builds, you can just delete the line "CurrentIso=..." at the ini file, and next time you run pcsx2 and boot, it will ask you to choose an ISO (this is the actual value that matters for boot, not the item that's checked at the recent ISO list - though usually they're in sync - if you don't modify the ini manually).

Also, the "RunIso=..." line at the config is the initial folder which will be opened when you browse for an ISO file.
I just delete the list after "CurrentIso=" and when I start pcsx2 and use System=>Boot CDVD(fast),pcsx2 ask what I want to load

BTW do you have this problem with the console...if the console is not maximized,if you move it to anywhere and after that try to move the gui window,the console is automatically placed at the right side of the gui...I find this quite annoying.

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