Using the Logitech G27 Gaming wheel in pcsx2
Hello everyone.

My name is ben and i am trying to use the logitech wheel mentioned above to play Gran Turismo 4.

How do i set it up? Anything special i need to download to make pcsx2 recognize the gaming wheel?

My pc specs :

GTX 560 TI
I5 3550 3.5 GHZ
8GB of RAM
Motherboard : gigabyte (intel) Z77-DS3H

Razer death adder 3.5G 3500 DPI
logitech keyboard (something old about 5 years or so)
Logitech G27 wheel with brake \ clutch \ gas pad combined , G27 wheel , G27 gearpad (not using)

Thank you.

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Maybe have a read here. Report back if you don't find that helpful. (including what you tried so far and what failed)
Hey ive downloaded that plugin but the wheel is very shaky mid game.
Also , the game doesnt recognize a controller for going between the menus (i got the wheel itself operating , very shaky , gas and brake are also working)
I guess there is not much you can do then. All you can do is tinker with lilypad and/or USBQemu.
Thank you for replying
I will do that since theres no choice Smile

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