Using the pcsx2 on a second screen.
Let me first thank you guys that im able to play FF12 on my pc, it runs at a steady 60 fps.

here comes the but... I cant get it to work smoothly on my 40" Full HD screen.
It works "ok" but the fps is waaaaaay lower than on my 22" pc monitor

Where should I be looking to improve the speed?

My rig:
q6600 @3.2
4gb ram

Is it because my rig is not up to it? (most likely) or could it be because it is on the second monitor and the gpu gives more priority/power to the first?
I tried pretty much all plugin combo's, hacks etc.

Any idea's or tips would be welcomed because it look DAAAMMMNN good on full HD. I was really amazed how good it looked.

EDIT: Nevermind Laugh I figured it out myself.
Using the latest nvidea driver I set my HDTV as primary screen, and it runs AWESOME!! Now I can play FF12 on a fullHD screen @ a steady 60 fps even with summons. (thanks to the playground version)

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