Using zoom, misaligns screen
Hello guys, so the problem I seem to be having is when I use, upscaled resolutions on games, 8X for example, it has a vertical line in the right part/bottom of the screen which i use zoom, to fix. The thing is that even though I start the game on fullscreen by default, and i have the zoom in enabled by default, when the game starts, the game is misaligned and not at the center of the screen. For example Vice City Stories, here's what it looks like and what it's supposed to look like.
[Image: 9d4ur1m.png]
[Image: WmxDMKz.png]
Only way to fix this is, click ctrl and - to zoom out and ctrl and + to zoom in again, and then the image is properly aligned, but i don't get why i have to do this every time i start the game. Is there a way for the game to properly align the image by default, when i use the zoom feature? I use PCSX2 1.6.0 and 8X res, 16x antialiasing.

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Any possible fixes for this?
You should be able to set the zoom to 101% then save settings
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(11-28-2021, 02:13 AM)jesalvein Wrote: You should be able to set the zoom to 101% then save settings
Sorry for replying late, yes you are right I can set the zoom to 101%, but as I've said, if I open up pcsx2, the image is misaligned, and then i have to fix it by doing ctrl - and then ctrl + again. I was wondering why it can't just boot up right at 101% without misaligning the screen.

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