V1.5 question
Hey guys. I want to upgrade to v1.5 and I know where to find it, however I have a question about this. From the link posted https://buildbot.orphis.net/pcsx2/ do I have to download each one separately to get that specific thing to work on 1.5 or is there a way to download the whole thing, like 1.4 where all of it comes with it. If you get what I mean. 

Thanks and sorry if I'm misunderstanding something here!

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1.4.0 comes with directx web installer so if you have it already installed,there is no need
1.4.0 also comes with vc ++ installed needed to use 1.4.0

The installer version installs all but the portable requires to install the extra requirements manually
So you already have dx installed and you need to download and install vc redist 2015 from the link in that page

Keep in mind that 1.5.0 work in portable mode by default and it will not look for your memory cards in the Documents\PCSX2 folder but in the pcsx2.exe directory

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