VU Cycle Stealing - does it make a difference?
I've tried it in Persona 3 and Grandia II. In both, it reports a higher FPS, but the game plays slightly slower than without it. The characters walk around more slowly and the camera moves sluggish as well.

I tested by running across the screen and timing how long it takes to get to the other end. It takes the same amount of time roughly between the following 2:
52FPS no VU stealing
80FPS VU Cycle Stealing on

so is it just these two games that have no advantage to it or is the speedhack not working for all games?
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Since different games work differently, they react differently to the speedhack so some may get a huge improvement and some may get worse.
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I read in the wiki that this speed hack can give you a huge improvement, it seems to be the best hack for certain games. But it worked for none of my games so far. It made Persona 3/4 frameskip and Devil Summoner is just slowed down, like the other games I tried. It's still waiting for it's big moment for me^^.
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Cycle Stealing is a weird one. Whatever it does it can sometimes break the FPS counting, but in other games it can help a lot.

I seem to remember it improving God of War tremendously. But if you turn it up too high strange things start to happen Ninja
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It depends on the game. In some games it can turn things from painfully slow to smooth and fullspeed, in others it can cause fullspeed but not smooth anymore, in others it will just change the FPS without actually increasing speed (and in this case if you use frame limiting it will just become slower).
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For me only Level 1 is giving a slight speed boost. Higher ones help only a small bit.
Oh also it helps the sound just great. No matter how crappy the game runs the sound sounds nice and It's somehow synchronized.
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(02-19-2010, 10:18 PM)Nokiaman Wrote: [...]
Oh also it helps the sound just great. No matter how crappy the game runs the sound sounds nice and It's somehow synchronized.

That's right, but for me this always had the consequence that the game run in slowmotion and sometimes frameskipped. But the sound really is good then Tongue.
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One of the Games where you can get a good Speed-Up is Shadow of the Colossus.
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pls i need help, i played god of war 2 and was able to finish the game in full .but i say the same for god of war 1,it always crashes after the climbing of chronos back scene giving me a ee cycle error

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