VU cycle question
I have simple question >
UV cycle (speedhacks) on 2 too create fake FPS? If yes, how much about?
second question >
How that situation looks like in EE cycle?

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It always depends.
That is literally the answer.

Some games will not have issue with VU stealing,
while others may respond badly to even a little.

"How much" is also going to vary.
Among different games, you get different results.

The EE is not as likely to cause false FPS,
but rest assured--
Results from that will depend upon the game at hand, too. Wink
the EE cycle controls everything pretty much, including vsync, so setting that is likely to cause false FPS.

setting VU cycles causes the EE Cycle to skip cycles, which will cause false FPS also.
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2 popular titles that work well with VU Cycle Stealing hack are 'God of War II' and 'Shadow of the Colossus'. Using the VU hack does speed up them without showing false framerate (maybe it is not true but at least I cannot feel it).

Other titles may not speed up with true framerate, or speed up with false framerate, or not speed up with fase framerate. The result varies depends on the game...

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