VU keeps maxing and crashing on my new rig - Solved!
Ok so I've run PCSX2 with SSX Tricky 3 and NBA Street 2 on my old Asus G74SX laptop with some slight struggle when there is a lot going on. BUT IT RAN....

Now after just building my brand new desktop rig to retire my old worn out G74SX laptop. I wanted to try PCSX2 on my new rig. It has to run it now...

New rig specs:
Ryzen 7 1700x CPU
GTX 1070 Strix GPU
Asus Strix B350-F MB
Corsair 750w PS
G.Skill Trizent Z 16bg 3200mhz DDR4 RAM
2 TB Standard Hard Drive
120 GB SSD
Asus G24" 144hz monitor
Logitech 933 Head phones
Logitech 533 mouse
Corsair STRAFE Keyboard

This runs the emulator, runs the menu just fine, but the second NBA street 2 gets half way done to load into a game it crashes and the VU goes to 100%.

There is NO WAY my current gen $1,500 game rig cant run this, but my 6 year old $1,200 gaming laptop can run this game with a slight struggle.

Anyone know wtf is going on. I really hope I can fix this. This is really annoying.

I can run current games like PUBG, Rainbow 6 and other titles at full Ultra @ 80 - 200 FPS.. But this PS2 emulator cant even load NBA street. When my old laptop couldnt even run these newer games on low settings past 40 FPS. What gives?

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What PCSX2 version are you using?

Either way, to keep NBA Street from crashing disable the MTVU hack in the Speedhacks Tab.
I just did before I came to read your comment. That solved the crashing.

The game runs close to 100% full screen. I noticed SLIGHTLY better performance when its windowed and much smaller resolution.

But it still lags/stutters some with some FPS loss at times. What else could I optimize to help with this?

Everything is at default settings right now. MTVU off. Which is weird being I have 8 cores. When that setting says optimal for 3+ cores.
What PCSX2 version are you using? The newer builds have better performance.
I believe I'm on the 1.4.0?

Not 100% sure off the top of my head. What is the latest version?
I know SMT can have a impact on some single threaded workloads and it might improve performance in PCSX2, but turning it off for some extra performance in a emulator is up to you.

also if you dont have Ryzen's balanced plan set under power settings then do that if you don't have the options then
it turns control of the chip's clock states over to the chip and away from windows which does not handle Ryzen as well.

The Git builds 1.5.0 and stuff
Alright uninstalled 1.4.0 and installed 1.5.0 with a MAJOR improvement.

I left the milti thread tool off. Ran mostly default settings with some tweaks and not a single hitch. Not to mention graphics are actually much cleaner and smoother.

Appreciate the help fellas!

This one is solved.

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