VU skip + VU cycle stealing ?
hi, is it possible to combine these 2 options? some games run better with VU skip and others with VU cycle stealing. sorry 4 my ignoranceHuh
[Image: 21cvw55.jpg]

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not possible. VU skip has been eliminated from the emulator with the first revision that has the VU steal hack
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VU Cycle Stealing is so much better in my opinion.
VU Cycle Stealing give more speed and stable
VU Stealing is useless on a lot of my games and even gives me false fps.Using VU Stealing with frame skipping makes the whole screen flash or part of it and this is really annoying.With VU Skip I was able to play a lot of games with good speed and the skipping wasn't bother me at all.True on some games VU Stealing is really useful but VU Stealing don't like frame skipping at all and that's bad for users with week pcs like me.

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