VU skipping
Hello everyone. I have another question for everyone. Please don't be mad!

My PC isn't a very good one, so I find myself tweaking the PCSX2 settings often. I know most people would say it would be better to play games on my actual Playstation 2, but I find it more convenient to play it on this excellent emulator. Smile

My question is concerning Kingdom Hearts 2. In earlier versions of the emulator, VU-skipping was almost flawless except for a few artifacts here and there, but with the latest build, it looks weird. With it enabled, running around the city with Roxas looks like some parts are being skipped, like it isn't moving in perfect motion. It's like the buildings are slowly zooming in. Am I doing something wrong? Wacko

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Frame skip means that some parts are skipped xD It's absolutely normal
I'm not sure about how it ran before, but that's how it's working atm. Certain pieces of data are skipped in order to achieve speeds hence why you get artifacts, missing textures, corruption etc.
Try to tweak the various skipping settings. You might have better results then.
(02-09-2009, 06:23 PM)rama Wrote: Keili:
Try to tweak the various skipping settings. You might have better results then.

I did. I tried everything. 2-2, 1-1, 2-1, 3,4, 4,3 ,4,4 4,1 4,2. Wacko It still looks like the buildings are zooming in in slow motion. It doesn't look fluid like in earlier revisions. I'm sorry for complaining (asking) about such a problem. I know you guys are busy and have better stuff to do. I was just so frustrated because in earlier revisions, it worked fine but battles were slow but now that it's fixed, VU-skipping looks horrible.

Well, I guess work is still being done and everyone is trying their hardest to get the emulator working, so I should stop complaining and be grateful instead. Guess I'll have to just wait patiently. Happy
VU Skip is a hack, and has been at times completely broken due to the complexity of implementing it. Chances are if it wasn't breaking graphics in earlier revisions it's because it wasn't really working, and wasn't actually much faster than standard frameskipping.
Jake Stine (Air) - Programmer - PCSX2 Dev Team
As Air has stated VU Skip is a hack, there are other ways to keep your frames and have a good speed at the same time. Just remember PCSX2 isn't perfect and that alot of the coding changes alll the time so, bascially if it's "broken" now, then it will be fixed later on.
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